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Wondering How You Can Stand Out to Potential Hires? Salary is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 | Workforce Development

Like any industry, attracting skilled manufacturing employees can be tricky. To potential applicants, work benefits are more than good pay and vacation days. Outside of salary and benefits, applicants care about company culture and their working environment. This changes the game when it comes to hiring. In addition to offering favorable benefits, explaining your company values and why you're a good fit can go a long way. 

According to The Manufacturer, the top three things new hires look for are work-life balance, good workplace relationships, and job security. While challenging to advertise initially, these values are worth highlighting. Other perks, such as training opportunities, employee discounts, and office space, have an allure to potential hires. Offering training opportunities shows a commitment to employee growth and support. Likewise, offering employee discounts and decent office space shows you value and respect your workers. 

To know what hires are looking for, you must also understand why they leave their current jobs. Employees primarily leave due to feeling underpaid, undervalued, or worsening working conditions (The Manufacturer). These results show that, though not all of what people look for, salary is a top factor affecting the longevity of employees. Typically, feeling underpaid coincides with feeling undervalued. Committing to worker support and adequate pay will help improve employee retention.   

Impact Washington is here to help local manufacturers excel in every facet of their business. Through our programs, workshops, and business professionals, we help small manufacturers implement viable practices that help them thrive. 

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Click here to read the full article by The Manufacturer.

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