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Continually Improving - Jessica Ingle

Monday, March 20, 2023 | News Release, Workforce Development, Her Story

The Mission of Impact Washington Aligns with Hers

Jessica Ingle is like many women, trying to juggle it all — work, family, and life. And she’s excelled at it all, including her 18 years of climbing the career ladder at Impact Washington, a member of the MEP National Network.

Ingle’s journey began as an administrative assistant, and today she’s a key leader in the organization as Deputy Center Director. In fact, her first “real job” was at Impact Washington, and her passion never wavered — it continues to grow.

As she reflects on Women’s History Month, she’s thrilled to see more women joining the manufacturing world.

“We can bring a unique perspective to this community that historically has been mostly male. And with new perspectives comes innovation,” Ingle said.

Ingle does a lot at Impact Washington, including overseeing operations and human resources, assisting the director with long-term strategies, working with the team to streamline processes, managing reports to ensure goals are met, and much more.

Her teammates say her knowledge about Impact Washington and dedication to fulfilling the mission of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Manufacturing Extension Partnership network is especially valuable. Continuing education has been critical to her career development, and she has earned several certifications. She also is a Tab Wilkins Emerging Leaders Program graduate.

“I have found working at Impact Washington to be interesting, challenging, and fun. Our mission is meaningful,” Ingle said. “That continuous improvement is always the focus. We are never ‘done.’ We are consistently learning new ways to grow and improve our business and the ways we interact with one another internally and in the community.”

Ingle feels like she is making a difference at Impact Washington and likes working alongside the entire network. “Impact Washington is part of a network of 50 other like-minded centers ready to do the same,” she said. “If we don’t have a resource, someone in our network will. We are not competitive with one another, which allows us to be part of a much larger team — all ready to solve the challenges of today’s manufacturers.”

Ingle’s days are full and busy and sometimes a bit crazy. But like many women, she’s always striving for balance and finding a way to do it all well. And she has some wisdom to share.

“No challenge is permanent. We are here to face new challenges each day and learn new ways to overcome them,” she said. “In the workplace and life, try to approach each challenge positively. Even if we don’t have the answer now, it’s ready for us to uncover it. And the satisfaction you will find from that process will set you up for success the next time you face a challenge.”


This is a highlight in a series of articles shared throughout 2023. Impact Washington recognizes women, past and present, who have, in all forms, impacted manufacturing in Washington state. Look for other National Women's History Month Highlights in our blog










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