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3 Simple Steps to Recruiting the Right Manufacturing Employees

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 | Workforce Development

Putting Your Best Foot Forward Goes Both Ways in Job Recruitment

The manufacturing industry is struggling to get new workers involved. Retaining talent and upskilling the workforce you already have is a great way to utilize your resources without recruiting more employees and risking turnover. However, if your manufacturing company isn’t equipped for any recruitment, your workforce will only last so long. 

Attracting new talent is essential to a sustainable workforce and continued growth. The issue many manufacturers are facing is how to recruit skilled workers. The manufacturing field has seen record-low growth, expecting millions of jobs to be left unfilled shortly. This doesn’t have to be the fate of your company, and following these simple steps will help you steer clear of this future and implement an effective workforce development strategy.  

1. Advertise each job in the most appealing way

There’s a commonly accepted view of what manufacturing jobs are like, and it isn’t always accurate. Many people think of tedious, redundant factory work, which significantly minimizes the pool of opportunity for manufacturers and employees alike. Not to mention, this perception is simply untrue. While some level of factory work or operating machinery may be necessary, many manufacturers now use automation, opening the door for employees to do different kinds of work. Working behind the scenes with technology, managing projects, or communicating with clients are all essential parts of manufacturing that often aren’t advertised. The best way to change this perception is by posting a clear and well-written job description, leaving nothing to assume. Not only will this let hires know exactly what the job entails, there’s also a greater chance you will recruit the talent and qualifications you need. Be sure to explain the different opportunities you offer in the job description, advertisements, or even interviews.

2. Use your current employees as evidence

If employees choose to stay with you, you must do something right. Let your employees rave about your company! Many people entering the workforce are more cautious about company work culture than ever before. Employers don’t consistently market their company values or culture well because they don’t know how to do so effectively. Using current employees and their unique experiences allows potential hires to see that your manufacturing company is one they’d want to join. Especially in an age where words seemingly travel at the speed of light, having some good ones about you circling will only add credibility to you as a manufacturer.

How exactly do you advertise your current employees’ experiences? There are many ways to achieve this, but let’s start with the most popular resource today: social media. Promoting your work culture on social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more will give potential employees an inside look into your work family. Using this as a place to highlight current employees’ work, their testimonials, and any critical events in the life of your business can go a long way for someone looking for a steady position. Not only that, doing so is also an opportunity to show you value your current employees and, in turn, let them show others that they love you. It’s a cycle that can simultaneously grow retainment and recruitment.

3. Streamline the application process 

One of the biggest challenges people face today is the lack of communication from businesses. Many companies advertise that they need people but don’t effectively communicate with applicants eager to find a job. This is partly due to the digitalization of the application and interview process and even work as a whole. Many people now work remotely or hybrid, so speaking with someone in person is impossible when the opportunity arises. The inability to communicate efficiently with applicants can result in many missed opportunities for a good job fit. Streamlining the application process within your company is essential in effectively attracting the right kind of people. Making it as seamless as possible will give potential hires confidence in you.

The best way to make sure this is being done is by communicating either way with applicants. If you are interested in bringing them in for an interview, whether it’s the first or the third, communicate promptly. Please don’t leave them hanging for too long as this can result in a lack of confidence, interest, or a job offer from another company. No one wants to feel like they’re pulling teeth to be seen when it comes to hiring, so be sure this issue is eliminated before it arises.

At the same time, communicate if you aren’t interested in an applicant. Perhaps they aren’t qualified for the job that you offer, but at least they have confidence knowing you’re not leaving them in limbo. It respects their time and your own and will only improve your company's repertoire.

Make your application process easy and efficient. Don’t overcomplicate it and create a format that is straightforward to use. Be sure the job posting is clear and highlights exactly what you’re looking for. Ensure you’re putting your best foot forward as a company so others can put their best foot forward as an employee.

Continuously Invest in Your Workforce

Once your organization is well-versed in recruiting skilled workers, implementing a robust workforce development strategy will improve recruitment and support a well-rounded team. Leadership, comradery, and healthy work culture are essential elements to incorporate into your manufacturing company. Creating an environment that values, trains, and constantly supports employees will quickly lead you to success.

Impact Washington offers many different resources to help manufacturers get a hold of their workforce and create a plan for success. From expert consultants to workforce development programs and more, our variety of tools will put your goals within reach. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get more information on how we can help you. We are here to help manufacturers excel in every facet of business!

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