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The Six Words That Will Massively Improve Your Employee Recruitment in 2022

Friday, April 22, 2022 | Manufacturing, Workforce



Hiring in 2022 has been a difficult process, as many manufacturing companies have found.

People have been accustomed to working from home for the past two years and let’s be honest - it’s much nicer working from your couch than going into the office every day at 9 a.m. The hiring process is always complicated, but there are steps you can take to attract the right kind of workers to your business.

It all starts with advertisements.

Many manufacturers put up banners that advertise average pay plus benefits. All companies are offering the same thing, which renders this tactic predictable and unattractive to potential employees.

Instead, focus on your company’s unique environment.

Since so many people can now work remotely, business’s need to up their game when it comes to advertising in-person jobs. Attract people to your company by advertising the great opportunities you offer, then talk numbers. According to “The Six Words That Will Massively Improve Your Employee Recruitment in 2022” by Matt Fieldman, this comes down to one simple sentence that encapsulates your unique company atmosphere. This is simplified to “Make cool stuff with awesome people” (Fieldman, 2022). Of course, this is just a headline. You can input any phrase to make this statement reflect exactly what your business has to offer. This could look like: “Build Medical Equipment Alongside Amazing Colleagues.” or “Join Incredible Doers Developing Cool Technologies.” (Fieldman 2020).

Advertise the most interesting parts of your manufacturing company that make it interesting. Not only does this give potential employees an idea of what they’d be doing for you, but it also highlights the awesome team you already have. With the shortage of workers, the economy has experienced in the past two years, your employees could use a shoutout. Improving the workplace and hiring the right people starts with promoting just what you’re looking for and what you have to offer that other companies don’t.

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